Category:- Action

Action games are one of the most popular video game categories of all time and are liked by people of all age groups. 46Play.com hosts some of the finest action category games like Viking way, Spider Zombie etc. so that you can enjoy your day while sharpening your hand to eye coordination and reflexes.

In these games, we allow gamers to control a character which is the protagonist of the game. They will have to overcome various stages to progress through the game as it usually involves a story. You will have to beat various characters and fight multiple bosses at every level which makes these games a lot of fun. You will also unlock new weapons, characters and other in-game cosmetics, which will enhance your experience. You will have to develop weapon skills, movement skills, and aiming capabilities to master these games. If an enemy hits your character, you will lose health points and once your health bar depletes you will have to restart the level. Some of the most challenging games like Monster Dragon, Cloud Flight and Rain Stone allow for character customization so that you can create an online avatar for yourself.

A lot of games on our platform like Wrecked, Master Archer, Mission Escape Room etc. allow you to save games at certain checkpoints which will help you to restart the game from the point your character died last time. Most of the games in this category have a final level where you will have to beat the main villain of the game. These levels are usually a lot harder to complete than any other level in the whole game and once you clear it, the credits will roll out and the game will be over. Although most of these games will eventually end, some sub-genres like arcade have no such limitations. We design those games in a way that the only motive is to get the highest possible scores on 46Play.com leader board.

A lot of action games on our 46Play.com like Dark Ninja Adventure and Heroic Quest have subplots that lead to more side missions. They are meant to challenge you in a way that you will get prepared for the final boss fights and also help you understand controls and the game environment. The games featured here will always have a tutorial in the beginning so that you can get familiar with the game mechanics and controls. The tutorial will also explain the story arch of the game so that you can feel interested.

When it comes to graphics, all of the action games featured on 46Play.com utilize high-level 3d graphics with top-notch game mechanics. This makes these games almost realistic in terms of graphics and character movement and anyone who has never seen video games before will think of it as a real-life scenario.

46 Play has a lot of sub-genres of this category of games as well like beat-em-ups, Action-adventure, Survival, shooter games, FPS, Multiplayer battlegrounds, etc. The basic idea of all these games is based around fighting enemies and making the protagonist win while overcoming various challenges. If you wish to fight some bad guys and emerge victoriously, make sure you check out the wide list of action games on our 46Play.com and specially games such as Zombie Smash, Real Gangster Crime Vegas and 3D Kung Fu Fight Beat em Up. Our developers have worked extremely hard to get you some of the most enjoyable action games on the internet.