Category:- Strategy

This can be said to be one of the best and most enjoyable genre of video games. This is because nearly every person who has played video games must have played atleast 1 strategy based game during their life. These games follow different graphic designs, game engines and stories, but the main gameplay is always based around strategy. You will find one of the finest collection of interesting strategy based game on 46play as we have gathered top rated title for your enjoyment.

A lot of other categories of games like action games and adventure games also take inspiration from this category to make their gameplay more engaging and interesting to players. Strategy games usually go for a simple graphic design that can be easily understood by the players of different skill levels. The main motive of these games is to build effective strategies so that you can complete the in game missions and progress through various levels. Strategy games on 46Play.com like tiny battle, bomb the bridge etc. are a perfect example for simple yet enjoyable strategy video games.

Strategy based games usually revolve around making a base for your character, gathering resources, building infrastructure and attacking other players bases in order to get more resources. All this needs to be strategized properly so that the balance can be maintained. These games can be based on a board or open world real time model. Board games are now rarely made with elements of strategy and now you will only find real time strategy based games. In real time strategy game, players will have to strategize everything, from timing of upgrading a building, to the finances that are to be spent. These games follow real world times and if a certain upgrade will take 8 hours to complete, it will take 8 hours in real time only. These games have a very dedicated fandom and players usually spend more than 10 years on these games depending on how long they are playable. In strategy games, the time you spend equals to your skill level in game.

All the strategy based games generally require an internet connection and cool features like chatting with other players, challenging them for a war etc. make it a lot more desirable for everyone. They are suitable for people from all age groups and are equally adored by hardcore as well as casual gamers. One of the best things about strategy based games is that they are mostly free to play. Games like idle evolve, Stratevade, cursed treasure etc. are some off the best strategy games on 46play that will surely become your favorite, once you start playing them daily.

The theme of almost all the strategy based games is to manage a base or a village, developing it by upgrading the infrastructure, managing resources, making armies, attacking and gathering more resources. Your base can also be attacked by other players for resources, hence you will also have to maintain strong defenses. If you want to experience strategy games at their best, please check out Viking tavern and beach bar on 46Play.