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Racing games have always been a fan favorite all around the world. The feeling of that adrenaline rush faced by real world racers on your computer screen is something that is always cherished. These games are considered to be the first generation of competitive games, where you have to beat other players in a race. Games like Hover racer, Jeep ride, cute road, space ship race etc. are played regularly by millions of players worldwide due to the fun they have to offer along with the level of competitiveness that is second to none. Racing games can be based around real life 3d graphics used by some the most advanced games or they can simply be simple 2d based games. Irrespective of the type of graphics they go for, racing games have always been hugely successful and most hopefully they will continue to be successful for a very long period of time.

Most of the racing games nowadays are based around real world racing leagues like the Formula 1 and the Moto GP series. These games have realistic game design along with license for using real world names for the vehicles, characters and even racing teams. One of the best things about the racing games that are based after real life leagues is that they have in game commentary while the race is going on. This alone can significantly enhance the experience of any gamer that is playing the game. Games like Offroad race, Box race, King of drag etc. on the other hand utilize basic graphics but are equally as fun as any other racing game in the market.

Racing games can utilize either first person perspective for the graphics or third person perspective, depending upon the preference of the audience that they are targeting. While most of the hardcore gamers believe that first person perspective is the true essence of gaming, many are there that disagree with it. This is why games like race city, track racer and nearly all the major players in the racing game market provide options to switch between first person perspective and third person perspective according to the convenience of the gamers and their personal preference.

In the early days of racing games, the graphics for games wasn’t that advanced and game physics was just getting developed. At that time, most of the racing games showcased a top view of your vehicle with no special animation for turning and limited amount of sound effect. But nowadays as the technology has got better and better and more capable gaming machines have been developed, racing games offer some of the most mesmerizing game mechanics, graphics, sound effects and game physics. The modern day racing games provide you with a simulation type experience with the help of real life sound effects and game mechanics that provide a realistic experience for everyone. The competitive scene of video games has heated up and nowadays, all the racing games come with online as well as LAN based multiplayer options. This allows players to gather their friends and play together, which allows the community to grow.