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Said to be one of the most competitive genres of gaming, sports games have been among the top-performing games for as long as they have existed. In simple words, Sports games are those that try to simulate the experience of a real-life sport into a game.

Some of the top sports like tennis, football, cricket, and basketball have their dedicated gaming titles that rack up millions in terms of revenue every year. We have a huge list of games like Polly tennis, Shoot up, spin soccer and baseball classics that attract casual as well as hardcore gamers because they are very interesting to play and they utilize very simple commands and graphics that appeal to the masses.

46play.com holds a vast library of sports games that are unparalleled by any other. Our games are made to appeal to everyone irrespective of their age and gender, which is why we utilize simple graphic designs and controls.

The sports video games on our platform have high-quality graphics, physics and players mechanics so that the players can get the most realistic gameplay from the convenience of their homes. These games are very popular among people due to their competitiveness. Games like football legends, simple football, flick golf star and bounce dunks are among the most popular casual sports games that require a moderate level of skills.

Sports games are divided into 2 major types. The first is sports simulation which includes games like football, cricket hockey NFL, etc. that revolve around real-life mechanics and characters and the other is a casual sports game that will include games like ice hockey and bother casual games based on sports.

One of the best things about sports video games is that they appeal to casual gamers in a way that they can enjoy the game. These games often include career mode that can be played on various difficulty levels so that they can get used to the controls and game mechanics. These also have multiplayer over LAN, the internet as well as support for multiple controllers to allow multiplayer on a single screen. These features have led sports video games to success and nowadays it has become a trend to meet up with friends and play a few sports video games with each other.

Most of the sports games like Hyper football, dunk shot, Table Tennis Pro, etc. are made for cross-platform gaming, which allows you to easily play with friends even if you have different gaming equipment. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the sports video game. Another great thing about sports games is that they utilize real names of players and teams along, accurate character designs, realistic crowd, stadiums and above all commentary, which makes the game a bit more personalized. Also, the ability to create your player and playing with your favorite team is something that everyone likes.

These games help the player to develop better hand to eye coordination, improved reaction time, better decision making and a lot more. Games like a penalty, crossbar champion, finger soccer, etc. allow players to enjoy while also strengthening their reflexes.